KDX Forensics is Committed to Conducting and Promoting Research

As Forensic Experts it is our job not only to stay up to date on the latest scientific advances, but to also help make them happen. In addition to participating in research projects run by other laboratories, here are some of our own ongoing internal research projects.

Ongoing Research Efforts

Digital Signature Authentication Technologies

Over the course of the last decade, there has been an increasing push to move to a paperless world.  This movement has only been furthered by the ongoing pandemic.

One of the technologies being leveraged by businesses to aid in this effort is Digitally Captured Signatures.  Unlike click to sign options, Digitally Captured Signatures are forensically reliable signatures that can be examined by qualified Forensic Document Examiners.

We at KDX Forensics are currently on the leading edge of this advancement in technology and are currently researching Digital Signature Authentication Technologies as part of a partnership with Wacom.

3D Profilometry of Intersections for Line Sequencing

While a document might seem like just a piece of paper, they routinely are created using multiple different materials.  Just think, even a contract may involve at least the presence of toner and writing pen ink.

When documents come into question, it may become important to determine the order in which the various portions of the document were created.  For example, whether or not a signature was placed on a document before a printed paragraph.

We at KDX Forensics are currently testing advanced technology known as 3D Profilometry for the examination of the intersections of various document technologies using technology created by Foster+Freeman.  As part of this study, we are documenting the characteristics of the intersections of numerous technologies in various sequences to determine what can and cannot be said based on the evidence seen.

Forensic Document Examination Testimony Database

Forensic Document Examination has long been accepted as an expertise by courts at all levels in the United States and beyond.  With that being said, it is important for us as experts to be able to demonstrate that fact when challenges are presented in court.

As part of our research efforts, KDX Forensics maintains the comprehensive Forensic Document Examination Testimony Database.  The database contains over 3,400 testimonies involving Forensic Document Examination in the United States since 1990.

Access to the Forensic Document Examination Testimony Database is available upon request to participating Forensic Document Examiners.  If you are a Forensic Document Examiner and are interested in participating in the Forensic Document Examination Testimony Database, please contact us for more information.