Forensic Document Examination is an applied science in which the details and elements of a document are examined to determine facts of it's preparation or history. From the macro to the microscopic level, KDX Forensic Consulting, LLC has the expertise to accurately examine the documents in question.


Forensic Document Examiners are also frequently refered to as Handwriting Experts. Even in the digital age, many documents include some form of handwriting, including signatures. When handwritten entries come into question, we specialize in the examination and comparison of questioned entries to those of known writers in order to determine whether or not they were prepared by the same write.


Documents can be prepared through many means and can include handwriting, printing, typewriting, rubber stamps, and numerous other technologies. Due to the different technologies present, there is a significant potential for documents to be altered through additions, erasures, interlineations, obliterations, and page substitutions. We examine each and every facet of a document for the presence of evidence that suggest an alteration may have been made.


When writing is done on one document on top of another, latent indentations may be created of the writing on the lower document. These indentations can be vital to discovering additional information that may be relevant in the case. Using advanced scientific techniques, we can examine documents for the presence of these indentations non-destructively.


From charred and water-soaked documents to those that have been shredded, KDX Forensic Consulting, LLC has the expertise necessary to help solve the full spectrum of document issues. There is no such thing as an unusual request, contact us today to see how we can help for your specific need.

Handwriting Examination

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