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Kevin P. Kulbacki, D-ABFDE
CEO, Forensic Document Examiner

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Forensic Document Examination Services For Any Case

Whether it’s an anonymous note or a disputed signature, documents are a critical aspect of the world we live in.  When something about a document comes into question, our expertise is getting to the bottom of the evidence.


You’ve got questions and we have answers. KDX goes beyond just analyzing handwriting and signatures; we have the ability and expertise to examine every aspect of a document brought to us for investigation.


Trials can be unpredictable, but expert testimony shouldn’t have to be. KDX’s Experts have extensive trial experience across the United States and are fully prepared to support our findings in court.


Make state-of-the-art the standard. As a leading Forensic firm, KDX has a responsibility to be at the forefront of innovation for both our equipment and security measures used to deliver your results.

Why Should I Consult KDX?


Unlike other types of evidence, handwriting is something that is easily understood by the layperson and creates a natural want to compare on their own. We frequently hear from potential clients that “the signature looks just like” the purported person’s signature, but research has shown that the layperson is nearly 13 times more likely than a Forensic Document Examiner (FDE) to incorrectly call a simulated signature genuine.

Here at KDX we are not just Handwriting Experts. We are extensively trained FDE professionals who are able to conduct thorough examinations that include looking for evidence of simulations and numerous other alterations that may be present in the evidence. After an examination is complete, we provide our comprehensive report easily explaining detailed findings in writing and, when appropriate, with clear illustrative aids.

From our first consultation to providing testimony, we ensure you are fully informed each step of the way.

Our Services

Digitally Captured Signature Analysis

Digitally Captured Signature Analysis

Digitally Captured Signatures are a natural evolution of signing and provide a forensically reliable way of determining authorship in the digital age.

Rubber Stamp Examinations

Paper & Business Machine Examinations

Documents may contain numerous different components including rubber stamps, watermarks, and security features, each of which may provide additional evidence.

Indented Writing

Non-Destructive Indentation Analysis

Documents may contain hidden indentations that provide vital relevant information about a questioned document’s history or preparation.

Shredded Paper

Miscellaneous Document Examinations

When your case doesn’t clearly fall into any one category, KDX Forensics has the expertise to examine it all. Find out more about some of our other examinations.