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Our Mission

Making Reliable Forensic Document Examination Services More Accessible

We believe that reliable forensic services are a critical component of any case or investigation. Any by providing comprehensive results to our clients in a timely manner, your cases may be resolved quicker and at less expense. Win-Win!

Our Story

In 2018, IRS Criminal Investigations’ forensic document examiner and handwriting expert Kevin Kulbacki noticed a major shift in the accessibility and availability of qualified forensic document examination services. Many state forensic laboratory systems no longer offered the services, while simultaneously qualified private examiners became fewer and farther between. In 2019, he founded KDX Forensic Consulting with a simple goal: to provide the highest quality forensic document examination services and to make them accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Along the way, KDX has also expanded beyond being just another forensic laboratory by becoming the leading expert in the forensic reliability of eSignatures and signature verification algorithm testing. KDX has continuously invested in state-of-the-art equipment, software, and systems that allow us to offer higher quality examinations, quicker turnaround times, and an unparalleled level of customer service to every client.

Kevin Kulbacki

Our Team

Kevin P. Kulbacki, MSFS, D-ABFDE

CEO, Forensic Document Examiner & Handwriting Expert

Mr. Kulbacki is a Forensic Document Examiner and Handwriting Expert with over a decade of Forensic Document Examination expertise on behalf of the United States Federal Government, Law Enforcement, and private sector clientele including leading law firms and corporations from around the world.

He has a Bachelors in Forensic Science from the University of Central Florida in 2011, a Masters in Forensic Science from the University of Florida in 2014, and is currently working towards a Doctor of Forensic Science from Oklahoma State University (est. completion 2025). He received his formal training in Forensic Document Examination at Osborn & Son where he completed a two-year, full time apprenticeship in Forensic Document Examination in accordance with the SWGDOC Standard for the Minimum Training for Forensic Document Examiners.

He is certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (D-ABFDE), and has worked as a Senior Criminalist in Questioned Documents for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), where he aided investigations into anonymous notes, threatening manifestos, and fraud. He has also worked as a Forensic Document Examiner for the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation Division’s National Forensic Laboratory, where he aided investigations into fraud, identity theft, and public corruption.

In addition to his extensive experience as a Forensic Document Examiner, he is an active member of the Forensic Document Examination community participating in standards development and professional organizations, leading independent research, and serving as a lecturer for various companies and universities around the world. He is the Chair of the Academy Standard’s Board’s Forensic Document Examination Consensus Body, the Chair of the Questioned Documents Section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, a Member of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners, and an Affiliate with the Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Sciences (OSAC) Forensic Document Examination Subcommittee.

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“Following a prolonged two-year ordeal, the resolution of our case swiftly came to an abrupt conclusion upon KDX’s submission of their findings. Their expert services sealed the deal, and we are incredibly grateful for their invaluable contribution. If you are on the fence about retaining their services, I strongly urge you to hire KDX. A job well done!”


“Kevin is the only way to go if you are looking for a handwriting expert. He defines the term expert. Besides being extremely good at being an expert, Kevin was so easy to work with. He is professional, informed, reliable, patient, and generous with his time. He will spend time explaining every detail with you and educates you so you know the WHY behind everything. I am so happy I found Kevin’s expertise and would highly recommend his services. Thank you!”


“Kevin is a great handwriting expert! Very responsive, very efficient, very professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with. He has a great way of explaining his work in terms the average person will actually understand. I highly recommend his services!”


“Kevin is pleasant to work with, quick and very professional. His work was detailed and accurate! I am lucky to have found Kevin in my time of need. He also has checked in on my well being many times. I would recommend utilizing KDX Forensic Consulting. Thanks Kevin for everything.”


“KDX Forensic Consulting, LLC is professional, beyond knowledgeable, and excel in client relations. I was a pleasure doing business with them.”


“Kevin and KDX is who our office will use when in need of a handwriting expert on cases. His work is thorough, detailed, and helped our office resolve a contentions contract issue in an estate without the need for a trial or other hearings. Kevin is knowledgeable and articulate and can help attorneys explain the evidentiary process of handwriting review in a manner that the client understands. This aspect is also invaluable as our office does not see a lot of cases involving handwriting/signature issues wherein we need an expert.”