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Digitally Captured Signature Analysis

eSignature Solution Forensic Reliability Evaluations

While eSignatures enjoy legal acceptance across many jurisdictions, ensuring their forensic reliability for accurately determining attribution and authorship is an often overlooked but paramount step to implementation. At KDX, we stand as the industry leader in assisting companies and financial institutions in this critical endeavor. Our unparalleled expertise enables us to meticulously evaluate eSignature solutions, discerning nuances that may impact their reliability for determining authorship. Through comprehensive analysis and rigorous testing, we identify areas for improvement and provide tailored strategies to enhance the forensic integrity of eSignature systems. By partnering with KDX, organizations gain access to cutting-edge insights and solutions that elevate the trustworthiness of their eSignature processes, bolstering compliance efforts and safeguarding against potential disputes. Trust KDX to navigate the complexities of eSignature forensic reliability with precision and expertise, setting the standard for excellence in this evolving landscape.

Signature Verification Algorithm (SVA) Reliability Evaluations

SVAs (Signature Verification Algorithms) possess significant potential as crucial tools for detecting potential fraud in real time, provided they are meticulously designed. At KDX, we recognize the critical importance of precision and accuracy in SVA development. As one of the few firms worldwide specializing in evaluating these solutions, we bring unparalleled expertise to the table. Our team has not only the understanding of handwriting, but also the ability to meticulously scrutinize SVAs to ensure they meet the highest standards of reliability and effectiveness. By leveraging our specialized knowledge and rigorous testing protocols, we empower organizations to implement SVAs with confidence, safeguarding against fraud and protecting valuable assets. Trust KDX to help you deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to your fraud detection needs.

Industry-Leading Research

Our research aims to revolutionize forensic document examination through innovative technologies, impacting not just our services, but the entire field. Past studies have included analyzing handwriting characteristics’ frequency, developing guidelines for the testing of signature verification algorithms, and investigating ink and toner sequencing. Ongoing efforts focus on further testing of signature verification algorithms, utilizing 3D profilometry for line sequencing, studying non-human generated writings, and enhancing the acceptance of forensic document examination testimony.

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