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At KDX, conducting forensic examinations is just the beginning of our responsibility. A forensic report is about more than just an answer; it’s the summation of scientific methodologies in a way that all parties can understand. Unlike other forensic laboratories, our reports go beyond the surface, providing in-depth insights into what the evidence truly means in a manner that empowers informed decision-making. We don’t just stop at answers; we illuminate the context, nuances, and implications behind the evidence, ensuring that every detail is meticulously examined in a clear and comprehensive manner.

But our services don’t stop there. We specialize in reviewing other expert reports, assisting with cross-examination preparation, and providing our own expert testimony. Our goal is to make sure that you understand the evidence as well as we do, thereby equipping you with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of your evidence with confidence. When you choose KDX, you’re choosing a partner who provides thorough examinations and expert guidance throughout every step of your case

Reporting & Testimony

Reports that are approximately


more thorough than other laboratories

Comprehensive Reporting

At KDX, our reports are meticulously crafted to do more than simply provide answers; they aim to elucidate the “why” behind those answers. We understand that true understanding goes beyond surface-level information. That’s why our comprehensive reporting strategy delves deep into the context, nuances, and implications behind the evidence. By offering insight into the reasoning behind our findings, we aim to leave readers with fewer questions about the evidence, ultimately facilitating quicker case resolutions.

Our commitment to clarity and thoroughness is evident in the fact that our reports are approximately 50 times more thorough than those produced by most other forensic laboratories, including accredited government labs. This unparalleled level of detail ensures that every aspect of the forensic analysis is meticulously examined and documented, while still being easily digestible for fact-finders.

What sets us apart even further is our efficient examination process, which enables us to produce clear and comprehensive documentation in a shorter timeframe. This efficiency allows us to provide the fastest turnaround times possible without compromising the quality of our work. With such a rigorous and swift approach, our reports empower informed decision-making and streamline the legal process, ensuring that justice is served efficiently and effectively.

Moreover, our comprehensive reports are designed to meet even the strictest admissibility standards, including the updated Federal Rules of Evidence. By making it clear how our examinations adhere to these stringent criteria, we ensure that our reports are not only thorough and clear but also legally robust. This meticulous attention to admissibility standards reinforces the credibility of our findings, making them reliable tools in aiding in case resolution. Whether for court presentations or pre-trial preparations, our reports stand up to rigorous legal scrutiny, providing you with the confidence that every detail has been expertly handled and documented.

Clear Illustrations

At KDX, we prioritize clarity and precision in every aspect of our process, including the creation of clear, high-quality graphic illustrations. We understand the critical role that visual aids play in conveying complex information effectively to judges and juries. Unlike other labs that create their demonstrative illustrations only in preparation for court, we prepare these visual aids during the examination process and include them as part of our comprehensive report.

This proactive approach ensures that our illustrations are fully integrated with our findings from the outset, providing a clearer and more immediate understanding of the results. By incorporating these graphics early on, we address potential questions about the results upfront, reducing the need for further explanations later. Whether it’s mapping out similarities and differences in disputed signatures or visualizing alterations, our graphics are meticulously crafted to assist in clarifying the basis of our conclusions.

By presenting information in a visually accessible format from the beginning, we ensure that judges and juries can easily grasp the significance of our findings. This not only enhances the clarity and comprehensiveness of our reports but also strengthens the integrity of your case presentation, ultimately contributing to more informed decision-making and quicker case resolutions.

Expert Testimony

At KDX, we recognize the pivotal role that expert testimony plays in shaping legal proceedings, and we specialize in delivering clear and comprehensible explanations that resonate with judges and juries alike. We are adept at distilling complex technical concepts into accessible language, ensuring that key insights are understood by everyone in the courtroom.

Moreover, our testimony is tailored to meet the evidentiary standards of diverse jurisdictions, including Frye, Daubert, and the Federal Rules of Evidence. With our extensive experience navigating various legal frameworks, you can trust that our testimony will be seamlessly integrated into your case strategy, bolstering the credibility and persuasiveness of your argument in court.

Our team has extensive experience testifying in state and federal courts and has been involved in the highest-profile cases, including those involving political corruption, mass murder, and fraud. This breadth of experience ensures that we are well-prepared to handle the most complex and high-stakes situations, providing testimony that is both authoritative and impactful. Our proven track record in such significant cases underscores the reason we are trusted by even the largest clients.

Expert Report Reviews & Cross Examination Preparation

At KDX, we understand that sometimes it becomes critical to scrutinize the findings of an expert retained by another party. We believe in conducting these examinations through an evidence-based approach. We begin by conducting our own independent examinations to uncover the true meaning of the evidence, thereby limiting the potential for cognitive biases. Following this, we meticulously examine the reports to determine if the evidence supports their results and whether their examinations were conducted to industry standards.

The insights gained through this evidence-based approach allow us to more thoroughly assist in facilitating case resolutions. Our goal is to ensure that you are properly informed about the strength of the evidence so that you can make more informed decisions about your case strategy. If trial becomes necessary, we excel in cross-examination preparation, equipping attorneys with in-depth knowledge to confidently address the qualifications of the expert and intricacies of the evidence. Trough this comprehensive approach, we empower clients to better understand their evidence, more effectively challenge assertions, and strengthen their case strategy.

Other Forensic Services

Authorship Examinations

Authorship Examinations

Including examining signatures, handwriting, hand printing, digitally captured signatures, and eSignatures

Technical Examinations

Including examining for alterations, indentations, and security features, utilizing non-destructive, ink differentiations, microscopy, and more.

Typewriter Examinations

Print & Device Comparisons

Including examining fonts and print processes, and comparing to devices such as printers, typewriters, stamps, and more

Shredded Paper

Miscellaneous Examinations

Including examining charred and liquid soaked documents as well as shredded document reconstructions.

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“Kevin and KDX is who our office will use when in need of a handwriting expert on cases. His work is thorough, detailed, and helped our office resolve a contentions contract issue in an estate without the need for a trial or other hearings. Kevin is knowledgeable and articulate and can help attorneys explain the evidentiary process of handwriting review in a manner that the client understands. This aspect is also invaluable as our office does not see a lot of cases involving handwriting/signature issues wherein we need an expert.”


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