Technical examinations for more subtle evidence

No two document cases are the same, and while many may just involve a dispute around a signature, some document cases involve seemingly more complex issues:

  • Whether a document has been altered
  • Whether a page was substituted in a multiple page document
  • Whether a document is genuine or counterfeit
  • Whether a document has indentations of other handwritings
  • Whether an obliterated entry can be visualized
  • Whether handwriting or text can be recovered from a liquid-soaked or charred document

KDX is proud to be a full-service forensic document examination laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to conduct the most sensitive examinations. Furthermore, much of our equipment is portable, thereby allowing us to conduct examinations almost anywhere in the world.

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Non-Destructive Spectral Analysis

In the realm of document authenticity, every detail matters. When the meaning of a document can be drastically changed with even the slightest modification, it becomes even more important that documents are analyzed with a meticulous approach. At KDX, our methodology blends industry standards for non-destructive spectral examinations with advanced techniques and instrumentation that allow us to reveal even the most subtle alterations and security features with precision.

Documents can be altered in many ways, from the obvious like wite-out and obliterations, to the far more subtle, like additions, page substitutions, and compositing. Through non-invasive spectral examinations, we can unveil and document even the most subtle changes, all while preserving the integrity of your evidence.

Furthermore, our instrumentation is sensitive enough to allow the detection of even the most sensitive security features. From watermarks and embedded security threads, to microtext and machine identification codes, our detailed spectral examinations ensure every aspect of the evidence can be inspected.

Non-Destructive Indentation Recovery

In many legal and investigative scenarios, disputes often center around the visible aspects of a document, such as the text or signatures. However, some of the most crucial evidence may remain hidden from plain sight. Consider the scenario where multiple sheets of paper are stacked and written on; while the topmost sheet may visibly reveal its contents, the impressions left by the writing on the pages below can hold invaluable insights.

The discovery, visualization, and recovery of these indentations can profoundly impact a case. This non-destructive technique allows for the retrieval of additional information that may be pivotal to the matter at hand. By revealing previously obscured writings, it not only sheds light on undisclosed details but also aids in establishing connections between various documents. Moreover, it can provide essential dating information, crucial for establishing timelines or verifying the authenticity of documents.

At KDX, we leverage state-of-the-art, highly-sensitive equipment precisely for this purpose. Our advanced screening and recovery methods enable us to uncover these indentations with utmost precision and without causing any harm to the original documents. By combining these techniques with our meticulous approach, we aim to make sure no evidence is left undiscovered.

Indented Writing

Microscopic Examinations & High-Quality Imaging

Microscopic examinations coupled with high-quality imaging capabilities enable us to meticulously scrutinize every detail of documents, including inks, stamp impressions, security features, and more. Utilizing a combination of both digital and optical microscopy, analysts can zoom in on minute features, revealing crucial information that may be imperceptible to the naked eye. We complement our microscopy with high-resolution mirrorless cameras and spectral imaging systems, allowing us to capture intricate patterns and subtle variations in materials with unparalleled clarity and precision.

This meticulous scrutiny of document elements not only facilitates the identification of non-genuine signatures and alterations but also provides valuable insights into the origin, history, and authenticity of questioned documents, thereby providing more information to assist investigations.

Other Forensic Services

Authorship Examinations

Authorship Examinations

Including examining signatures, handwriting, hand printing, digitally captured signatures, and eSignatures

Typewriter Examinations

Print & Device Comparisons

Including examining fonts and print processes, and comparing to devices such as printers, typewriters, stamps, and more

Shredded Paper

Miscellaneous Examinations

Including examining charred and liquid soaked documents as well as shredded document reconstructions.

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Reporting & Testimony

Our forensic services are complemented with comprehensive report, testimony, and trial support

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