Non-Destructive Alteration & Ink Analysis

Non-Destructive Alteration & Ink Analysis

When Something Doesn’t Look Quite Right

From the checks you write to the contracts you sign, documents are a critical part of the world we live in.

But what happens someone takes a document and alters it to be something other than it appears?

Take for example a check written for One Thousand Dollars.  What happens if someone adds the word “Twenty” and a “2”.  Through a simple addition, the meaning of the document has been drastically altered.

Alterations come in all shapes and sizes including additions, deletions, obliterations, and more complex composite or constructed documents.

We at KDX Forensics have the experience and equipment to conduct non-destructive examinations to determine if there is any evidence of alteration.

“We had suspicions that an employee’s timecards were being faked.  KDX was able to show us the full extent to which they were being altered, making our decision about how to handle it much easier.”

Prior KDX Client

“A comprehensive approach to any document problem is essential. Many times the question of a document’s authenticity, or it’s fraudulent nature, is answered only by a careful consideration and correlation of all or a number of the various attributes that make up the document.”

Ordway Hilton, Forensic Document Examiner