Handwriting and Signature Authorship

Handwriting and Signature Authorship

It all starts with a signature

For over a hundred years courts have relied upon Handwriting Experts to resolve questions of handwriting, hand printing, and signature authorship.

Even in the digital age, many documents include some form of handwriting, from hand printing and cursive to initials and signatures. But what happens when your signature appears on a document you didn’t sign, or someone is claiming they didn’t agree to the terms of a contract?

We as Forensic Document Examiners are also frequently referred to as Handwriting Experts because when handwritten entries come into question, we have the expertise to examine and compare them to determine their authorship.

From anonymous notes to million-dollar contracts, we at KDX Forensics have extensive experience in determining the authorship of handwriting.

“Working with Kevin on our case was a pleasure.  He was always available and kept me informed throughout every step of the process. Even before we collected the handwriting exemplars, Kevin gave us his insight into the process and instructions for collecting the exemplars.  The report was turned around extremely quickly and the results were easy to understand”.

Prior KDX Client

“A simple signature may represent thousands or even millions of dollars, and when each of the strokes of a few letters if genuine may represent tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is natural that every minute phase of this small production of the human hand and the human brain should be studied and scrutinized in every possible way.”

Albert S. Osborn, Father of Forensic Document Examination