Miscellaneous Document Examinations

Miscellaneous Document Examinations

We’ve Seen It All And Then Some

What happens when important documents were burnt in a fire, water washes away the ink on a handwritten note, or important evidence may have been shredded?

While each of these scenarios may sound hopeless, that isn’t necessarily the case!

We at KDX Forensics have the expertise necessary to help resolve the full spectrum of document issues.

If you have an unusual document case, please contact us immediately as your evidence may require special handling in order to preserve it.

“We sincerely appreciate KDX’s excellent restoration of our loved one’s water damaged letters. They were especially important as they were their last words in writing. Because of KDX’s efforts, we will always have them in helping us cherish their memory.”

Prior KDX Client

“A comprehensive approach to any document problem is essential. Many times the question of a document’s authenticity, or it’s fraudulent nature, is answered only by a careful consideration and correlation of all or a number of the various attributes that make up the document.”

Ordway Hilton, Forensic Document Examiner