Paper & Business Machine Examinations

Paper & Business Machine Examinations

Stamps, Security Features, and More

Documents in the 21st Century can be highly complex.  A single sheet of paper may include various print technologies, typewriting, rubber stamps, staples, watermarks, security features, and numerous other components.

With each additional technology utilized in the production of a document, there is the possibility of additional evidence to be examined that may lead to further information on the document’s history or production.

Rubber stamps for example may contain defects that may be utilized for the identification of an imprint back to a given stamp.

Paper may also contain date codes hidden within watermarks that can be used to trace the date of production of the paper.

Security documents also provide numerous security features that can be examined in an effort to determine authenticity.

We at KDX Forensics have the experience to examine each and every component of a questioned document to help you determine how it was produced.

“The team at KDX was phenomenal to work with. We really appreciated how quickly they were able to provide us a report that helped us obtain a settlement.”

Prior KDX Client

“Everyone knows that a document is the product of a combination of several materials…put together by means of certain common instruments. Almost everyone, however, fails to appreciate that each of these materials and instruments has its individual and class characteristics, which in combination help to personalize and identify the document’s source and history.  Any changes, either deliberate or accidental, may produce inconsistencies that are typical of and distinguishes it as an altered document. It thus becomes necessary to discover and evaluate correctly each of these factors.”

Ordway Hilton, Forensic Document Examiner