Typewriter & Typewriting Examinations

Typewriter & Typewriting Examinations

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While many modern documents are prepared using computers and printers, it’s important to note that documents from any time or place in history can always come into question. From the late 1800s until the 1980s, typewriters were one of the most prevalent technologies in offices around the country.  Even today, typewriters are still common in some environments.

But when we talk about a typewritten document, what is it that can be examined?

Forensic Document Examiners specialize in the classification and comparison of typewritten entries.  Through a careful examination of a typed document, we may be able to determine the make and model of the typewriter that produced it, and when it was first available.  Furthermore, if a suspect typewriter is identified, we can conduct a comparison to determine if it produced the questioned document.

Finally, if a suspect typewriter is identified, we can carefully read and microscopically analyze the ribbon to identify whether or not the suspect carbon ribbon was used to prepare the questioned document.

If you have a typewritten document in question, call us today to find out how we can best assist your case.

“I never knew how much I didn’t know about typewriters! Kevin’s insight allowed us to narrow down the model of typewriter we were looking for in our investigation. While we didn’t find the exact typewriter used in producing the documents, Kevin’s results played a significant roll in our figuring out what happened in this case.”

Prior KDX Client

“It may seem to be a simple operation to take a sheet of paper out of a typewriter and reinsert it with absolute accuracy but it is very difficult indeed, and in fact may be proven almost impossible if the typing is accurately tested and measured.”

Albert S. Osborn, Father of Forensic Document Examination