Typography & Printed Output Examinations

Typography & Printed Output Examinations

Printed Text May Be More Than Meets The Eye

While most questions surrounding documents revolve around the handwritten entries, it is important that the remainder of the document be subject to the same level of scrutiny.

Take for an example a contract in which someone claims the terms aren’t what they agreed to.

A microscopic examination of the print process used to create each page of the document may reveal discrepancies not visible to the naked eye. Furthermore, an examination of small, printed defects known as “trashmarks” may provide additional information about how a document was created.

Examinations of the printed output may also include a determination as to what font was used to prepare a document.  The presence of multiple fonts or differences in formatting may suggest the document has been altered, or the use of a font that wasn’t available at the purported date of preparation may suggest the document has been backdated.

If you think something about your printed document looks amiss, contact us today to find out how we can best assist your case.

“KDX exceeded all our expectations!  We were pretty sure that this signature was taken from another document, but Kevin took things one step further and proved not only were we right, but also that the font used to prepare the rest of the document wasn’t available until decades after the document was supposedly prepared!”

Prior KDX Client

“A comprehensive approach to any document problem is essential. Many times the question of a document’s authenticity, or it’s fraudulent nature, is answered only by a careful consideration and correlation of all or a number of the various attributes that make up the document.”

Ordway Hilton, Forensic Document Examiner